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BuzzBOX is the most affordable, effective, and quickest way to generate buzz for your brand. Traditional PR is EXPENSIVE, takes many months to see good results, and often brands are left wondering about ROI. BuzzBOX flips traditional PR on its head and closes the gap between PR and sales while providing an engaging, dynamic way for brands to connect with press. Our approach is unique in that we already have editors & producers on board to receive your box - what would normally take months in a traditional PR campaign has already been accomplished.

BuzzBOX doesn’t stop there…we also leverage influencers and consumers to create buzz for your brand motivated by our buzz points reward system.

Our first themed box was wildly successful! 10 brands in the box reached top national & regional food / nutrition editors & producers with a combined reach of over 173 million! Instead of months of pitching, these brands got quick results!


Why is BuzzBOX so effective? Top press sign up ahead of time to receive BuzzBOX. SHAPE Magazine, TODAY Show, HuffPost.com, Forbes.com, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and more signed up to receive our Fresh Hype box.

Our Beauty & Lifestyle brands reached top national big press with a combined reach of over 200 million! Instead of months playing the "wait & see" PR game, these brands got their product in the hands of press that matter + got quick results!


how to generate buzz for new product

Here are the press that signed up and received this box: Real Simple, Shape Magazine , Los Angeles Times, The Knot, Parade Magazine, Popsugar / Makeup.com, Reader's Digest, Chicago Tribune / Chicago Parent, Red Tricycle, FIRST for Women / Woman's World magazines, Brit + CO, Fox News, Glossy, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Our Baby & Kids Box reached top national big press with a combined reach of over 223 million! These brands paid hundreds instead of thousands to get their product in the hands of top, big press that matter. This was one of our best performing boxes with over 20 press features!


=baby & kids product best publicist

Here are the press that signed up ahead of time and received this box: Parents Magazine, Today.com, Red Tricycle, Fatherly.com, Romper, Good Morning Texas / MamaChallenge.com, Chicago Tribune, Social Moms, Midwest Living, Choose Chicago / Chicago Parent, Reader's Digest / What to Expect, StrollerTraffic.com, Daily Mom, GreatDad.com / Pregnancy Magazine, Motherly, SheKnows / The Atlantic / The Week / The Guide, L.A. Parent / Real Mom Media, and ModernMom.com.

Our Bump & Baby Box reached top national big press with a combined reach of over 548 million! BuzzBOX is the most effective way to pitch the press. We get 10 amazing products in their hands at one time with a relevant theme - makes their job easier! 10 brands, yet ONE publicist contact.


affordable fast PR results baby products

Here are the press that signed up ahead of time and received this box: Daily Mom, Parents.com, ModernMom.com, Popsugar, Red Tricycle, SheKnows.com / L.A. Parent Magazine, Parents Magazine, Mother.ly, TODAY.com, Momtrends.com, The Better Mom, Simply Clarke, New York Family Magazine, and GIRL GONE MOM.

Our travel brands reached top national big press with a combined reach of over 512 million! With BuzzBOX brands get featured faster and more often because they are grouped with other non-competing brands. The press love to feature multiple products in a segment or editorial, but shy away from featuring only one product as this is too promotional. What happens usually is the press may like your product, but they back-burner it until it fits into a theme and usually they forget. BuzzBOX gives the press a theme with 10 products to fit so they can feature you faster!


best PR firm for new products

Here are the press that signed up ahead of time and received this box: Today.com, FamilyTraveller.com, TrueTrae.com, SheKnows.com / L.A. Parent Magazine, TODAY.com, MSN.com, US News & World Report, SmarterTravel.com, National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure Magazine, Coastal Living Magazine, Family Traveller & Forbes, Delta Sky Magazine, CBS Interactive - Chowhound, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, USATODAY Travel, CNBC Travel, NBC News Travel, AAA, and Athleisure Mag.

Why BuzzBOX?

Unique & Targeted PR

Relying solely on the “spray and pray” PR approach is timely, costly, and results are not guaranteed.  Top editors and producers love our themed list pitch approach!


We pack, pitch, ship and sell for you saving you an incredible amount of time and money (employee labor).

Fast Results

Traditional PR takes many (expensive) months with no guaranteed results. BuzzBOX gets your brand buzz very quickly so there’s no more “wait and see” guessing game. Get buzz or your next box is free!

Three-Tier Buzz

We generate wide-spread buzz for your brand through top press, influencers, and consumers in your audience.


BuzzBOX has a pay as you go model with no contracts EVER!  PR should be attainable for every brand – even those on a shoestring budget.


We make the sale, you ship the product!  Get paid instantly. Shoppers earn Buzz Points and rewards for creating buzz about your product and influencers earn commission through our BuzzShop affiliate program.

Join the BuzzBOX Network

Get on the BuzzBOX distribution list if you are press, be a BuzzBOX influencer and earn commission, enter cash giveaways and earn buzz points if you are a shopper, or add your product to one of our BuzzBOX themes if you are a company.

How it Works

BuzzBOX is NOT an ongoing subscription box - although you can sign up to be in as many boxes as you would like. Think of it as a targeted PR campaign in a box! We showcase your products beautifully, and truly make it a hands-free experience by packing, pitching, shipping and even selling for you!

Choose a Theme

Sign up for one or more BuzzBOX themes – the more you do, the more you save!

A Beautiful Box

We curate and create a beautiful themed BuzzBOX with 10 unique items inside that fit into the theme – packaged beautifully with press materials, high res images, and more.

We Ship

We ship to 15 top editors, producers, and influencers (that have signed ahead of time) a curated box filled with exciting products like yours for review & editorial consideration. We never ship a box blindly!

We Pitch

We (two of the top publicists in the industry) also pitch your theme to local and national press to get you additional coverage.

Consumer Buzz

We promote your product on BuzzBOX social media including a viral giveaway for fans to exclusively win a BuzzBOX + $500. Fans earn buzz points when they share your BuzzBOX with friends.  Cool part, the press shares this same giveaway and you get to keep the email leads list from it!  You give away ONLY 1 item for every BuzzBOX theme you sign up for. We ship to the winner for you.

Influencer Buzz

Our blogger and influencer network with a combined audience of 900k shoppers shares your BuzzBOX giveaway on social media, on their website, and/or through their email list.


Your product is added to the BuzzSHOP – we make the sale, you ship the product!  Receive an instant notification when an order is placed and get paid immediately. Plus, you keep more of the profit compared to a traditional wholesaler – BuzzBOX gets 20% of the sale and from this percentage we pay our influencers their affiliate commission.

Influencer Affiliate Program

We have an affiliate program through our shop to motivate influencers to share your product and create more buzz!  BuzzBOX pays affiliates from our 20% of the shop commission. We manage everything so you don’t have to!

What Others Are Saying...

  • I love the fast results. Tasha and T.K. don't waste any time generating buzz!  Shortly after I signed up, Red Tricycle featured ZizzyBee Bags - plus more press since then including a Parents Magazine feature. BuzzBOX goes above and beyond unlike any other firm I have worked with. If you want your product noticed by big press, BuzzBOX is a no-brainer.

    Lisa Heydet

    OwnerZizzyBee Bags

  • Working with BuzzBOX has been a great experience. The BuzzBOX Team really works hard to get the best media coverage, is a fantastic communicator, and I love all their followup. We have been able to take advantage of so much great coverage as a result of their work. I would definitely recommend BuzzBOX to anyone looking for a targeted and personalized approach.


    ZEGO Snacks

  • We first worked with Fresh Hype Box in 2017 and were placed with a few other health focused products. T.K. was able to deliver several great press segments and were so thrilled to be partnered with other great brands. We did a second box in 2018 and again, T.K. has delivered strong TV segments that are helping spread the word about our brand and mission. Working with the BuzzBOX Team has been terrific. T.K. is organized, thoughtful and is a true expert in the field. Her innovative ideas and flawless execution have helped us to gain PR in ways that we would never have otherwise been able to secure!

    Annie Hesser

    Kra Organic

    Annie Hesser
  • I come across many PR firms in my business…everyone is good, but Fresh Hype offers a “fresh” perspective (Yep, I went there.) with the types of things they offer. Their [themed] Box compliments the energy and enthusiasm the company has about products, which transfers to me.  I’m excited to speak on the many offerings that come from BuzzBOX.  I look forward to working with the team for a long time to come.

    Rance Adams

    Co-HostMMJ River City Live

    Rance Adams
  • Thanks to Fresh Hype Box, I’ve become sort of a kombucha connoisseur. As a matter of fact, Fresh Hype Box has introduced me to a whole assortment of new, under-the-radar gems in the health and nutrition market. As a fitness writer in search of the latest trends, I’ve always been able to count on... their [themed] Box package containing items -- from kombucha to chia seeds to even algae -- that would make it to print. Yeah, consider me a fan.

    Jeff Tomko

    News editor/contributing fitness writerMetro.us

    Jeff Tomko

Our Press Network

Top editors and producers sign up ahead of time to receive your BuzzBOX. Shipping blindly to press DOES NOT WORK and is a waste of your hard-earned money.

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