How it Works

BuzzBOX is NOT an ongoing subscription box - although you can sign up to be in as many boxes as you would like. Brands love the pay as you go model with no contracts EVER. Think of it as a targeted PR campaign in a box! Each box has a designated theme. We showcase your products beautifully and truly make it a hands-free experience by packing, pitching, shipping and even selling for you!

Themed Boxes

We impress the press with our beautifully packaged, themed boxes with 10 full size samples inside. We have a set calendar for the year so that we get your product in the hands of the right press at the right time. Timing is everything when pitching big editorials.

One BuzzBOX campaign is 15 boxes. Once you choose your theme(s), you ship us 17 samples per campaign (15 for the boxes, one for the viral giveaway, and one for the photoshoot).

We Ship

The BuzzBOX press network has over 500 top press and influencers who have signed up to receive a box. Plus, we have over 25k press contacts we pitch to.

We NEVER ship blind samples – meaning, the press who receive a box requested that themed box.

Unique Pitching

While thousands of other companies are pitching the press traditionally, we are making your brand stand out using our out- of-the-box pitching styles:

  • Curated Boxes – a themed feature with 10 product samples handed to the press on a silver platter.
  • Theme Pitching – aka “List Pitches” – we avoid the back-burner effect by pitching your product with a group of complimentary (never competing) products. The press respond extremely well.
  • VIP Press Contacts – 20 years combined of precious press contacts at your fingertips.

Consumer Buzz

We promote your product on BuzzBOX social media including a viral giveaway for fans to exclusively win a BuzzBOX + $500. Fans earn buzz points when they share your BuzzBOX with friends.  Cool part, the press shares this same giveaway and you get to keep the email leads list from it!  You give away ONLY 1 item for every BuzzBOX campaign (aka theme) you sign up for. We ship to the winner for you.

Influencer Buzz

Our blogger and influencer network with a combined audience of 900k shoppers shares your BuzzBOX giveaway on social media, on their website, and/or through their email list.

Plus, we have partnerships with over 100 bloggers where we submit quality content articles featuring your product – they publish on their site and promote.

Cross Promotions

We have over 1000 brands who cross promote meaning they share your product with their audience. Our creative cross promotion campaigns create wide-spread word-of-mouth buzz, help grow your Instagram following, and give your brand instant credibility because other established brands are talking about your product.

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