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There are four ways to join the BuzzBOX network: as a COMPANY with a product, as the PRESS who wants to receive a coveted BuzzBOX, as an INFLUENCER who wants to share viral content and earn money, or as a SHOPPER to enter giveaways and shop for the coolest gifts.

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Have an awesome product? We want to know about it! We curate only 10 products for each BuzzBOX theme. Think of these 10 products as the best of the best in that category. Click to see our current themes and pricing. If all spots are full make sure to add your product to the wait list! Ready to get buzzed?

Themes & Pricing


Want to receive a coveted BuzzBOX? BuzzBOX puts the hottest products on the market into your hands. Best part, we save you a TON of time. Instead of you finding a product you like, then thinking of a feature topic to fit it in, and then finding multiple other brands to fit the theme - we do all this work for you! Plus, when requesting images, info, and more you deal only with us instead of 10 other publicists/companies. Ready to get buzzed?

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Influencers / Bloggers

As a BuzzBOX influencer you get awesome content for your audience - our top 10 Buzzfeed style articles are highly shareable. Best part, every time you share, add your affiliate link for all 10 products and get paid 10% commission! Each top 10 article has a cool giveaway too where one fan wins a coveted BuzzBOX and the fan that generates the most buzz wins $500. You get other cool perks too -- your brand promoted by BuzzBOX, keep the emails from any giveaway you share to grow your list massively, be first in line to receive samples from brands, become a BuzzBOX press spokeperson (local TV and radio), plus more! Ready to get buzzed?

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Like to shop for awesome gifts and win prizes / cash? Become a BuzzBOX shopper! Have a chance to win a coveted BuzzBOX and earn buzz points every time you use our easy share buttons to refer friends to enter. Generate the most buzz points and win the cash prize! One random winner is chosen to win the BuzzBOX (not based on points). Plus, find the coolest gifts in the BuzzSHOP - easy shopping all in one place! Ready to get buzzed?

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