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Two PR Powerhouses Team Up

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The Beginning...

BuzzBOX was founded by two moms and powerhouse publicists, Tasha and T.K. In 2017, T.K. started a strategic business model to turn PR on its’ head - a PR campaign in a box! A themed box with 10 curated items sent to top editors and producers who are already on board to receive the box. The first theme was the Fresh + Hype Box and it was wildly successful getting features for brands in dozens of top press outlets (combined audience reach of 173 million!). T.K. knew this was something special. The press loved it and brands loved it. As a seasoned publicist, she understood the time and effort a traditional PR campaign takes - months and months! But now, she had a new engaging way to connect brands with top press without all the usual legwork. Faster results for less the cost!

Two PR Powerhouses Team Up

In 2018, she joined forces with Tasha, founder of Best in Baby Biz & Kids Magazine (aka BIBB). Tasha has worked with over 200 family brands helping many go from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies with a specialty in creative sales marketing. Tasha LOVED T.K.'s home-run "PR in a Box" idea and realized there's a real problem with traditional PR and ROI. So she thought, why not close the gap between sales and PR? After this the BuzzSHOP, influencer commission program, and shopper buzz points system for rewards was added.

A Closer Look

Tasha and T.K.'s instant synergy was apparent when Tasha thought, let's call it BuzzBOX, and then T.K. added a genius tagline -- "More Buzz for Your Buck!" These two mom entrepreneurs are alike in many ways: selfless, genuine, above and beyond work ethic, meticulous, ambitious, big dreamers, kind, compassionate, family-oriented, good soul, positive, and happiest when giving back and helping others. These values have shaped BuzzBOX and the two moms are grateful to be helping brands in a big way.


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Our Mission

Our mission is said best in our tagline - more buzz for your buck. With our fresh, engaging, and dynamic way to connect brands with top press, we have leveled the playing field so that PR is accessible to ALL companies - even those on a shoestring budget. Becoming a hugely popular, well-known brand no longer depends on how deep your pockets are. The best brands should not be the best simply because they have tons of money. BuzzBOX gives a voice to all brands, big and small. Lastly, our mission is also to close the gap between PR and sales creating real ROI that companies feel good investing in.

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