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Two PR Powerhouses Team Up

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Hi, we are Tasha & T.K., two powerhouse publicists and mom'preneurs who have perfected the art of getting buzzed...

Although enticing, we are not talking about a career in sipping wine here. We offer the most unique, effective, and quickest way to generate buzz for fabulous products.

But before we share what exactly BuzzBOX is, we want to first share who we are:

Selfless, genuine, above & beyond work ethic, meticulous, ambitous, big dreamers, kind, compassionate, creative, family-oriented, good
souls, positive, and happiest when giving back and helping others.

These values have shaped BuzzBOX and is a big reason why it is so successful.

The Beginning...

BuzzBOX was founded by two moms and powerhouse publicists, Tasha and T.K. In 2017, T.K. started a strategic business model to turn PR on its’ head - a PR campaign in a box!

Her idea was a themed box with 10 curated items sent to top editors and producers who are already on board to receive the box. The first theme was the Fresh + Hype Box and it was wildly successful getting features for brands in dozens of top press
outlets (combined audience reach of 173 million!).

T.K. knew this was something special. The press loved it and brands loved it. As a seasoned publicist, she understood the time and effort a traditional PR campaign
takes - months and months! But now, she had a new engaging way to connect brands
with top press without all the usual legwork. Faster results for less the cost!

Two PR Powerhouses Team Up

In 2018, she joined forces with Tasha, founder of Best in Baby Biz & Kids Magazine (aka BIBB). Tasha has worked with over 200 family brands helping many go from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies with a specialty in creative
buzz marketing and her out-of-the-box "List Pitch" method.

Tasha LOVED T.K.'s home-run "PR in a Box" idea and realized the flaws with traditional PR. So she thought, why not combine the best buzz marketing tactics that were very successful with the PR in a Box idea to create a completely unique opportunity for brands big and small.

They did just that and BuzzBOX has overexceeded both their expectations which is beyond exciting.


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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: create quick and quality buzz for fabulous products! Times have changed in the marketing space and continue to change fast.

No matter how amazing your products are, how great your promo or deal is, or how awesome your marketing message is, without buzz, everything falls flat.

A brand without the right BUZZ is like building the fastest racecar in the world with no motor.

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