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BuzzBOX is an affordable and effective way to create buzz for fabulous products by leveraging our well-established networks: press, influencers, shoppers, and other well established brands. Best part of all, quick results! Take a peek below to see the six reasons why Brands LOVE BuzzBOX...

Unique and Targeted PR

BuzzBOX makes your brand stand out. Top editors and producers love our themed list pitch approach!


We pack, pitch, & ship for you saving you an incredible amount of time and money (employee labor). Leave the heavy lifting to us as your Buzz Team!

Fast Results

Traditional PR takes many months and is costly. BuzzBOX gets your brand buzz very quickly so there’s no more “wait and see” guessing game. Get buzz or your next box is free!

Four-Tier Buzz

We generate wide-spread buzz for your brand through our well-established networks: press, influencers, consumers, and other established brand to cross promote with.


BuzzBOX has a pay as you go model with no contracts EVER! We work with every sized company as we believe PR should be attainable for every brand.

Proven Results

There’s no fluff working with us. We know what works. We are extremely talented. And we have the numbers to prove it!

See Why Others Love BuzzBOX

  • I love the fast results. Tasha and T.K. don't waste any time generating buzz!  Shortly after I signed up, Red Tricycle featured ZizzyBee Bags - plus more press since then including a Parents Magazine feature. BuzzBOX goes above and beyond unlike any other firm I have worked with. If you want your product noticed by big press, BuzzBOX is a no-brainer.

    Lisa Heydet

    OwnerZizzyBee Bags

  • Working with BuzzBOX has been a great experience. The BuzzBOX Team really works hard to get the best media coverage, is a fantastic communicator, and I love all their followup. We have been able to take advantage of so much great coverage as a result of their work. I would definitely recommend BuzzBOX to anyone looking for a targeted and personalized approach.


    ZEGO Snacks

  • We first worked with Fresh Hype Box in 2017 and were placed with a few other health focused products. T.K. was able to deliver several great press segments and were so thrilled to be partnered with other great brands. We did a second box in 2018 and again, T.K. has delivered strong TV segments that are helping spread the word about our brand and mission. Working with the BuzzBOX Team has been terrific. T.K. is organized, thoughtful and is a true expert in the field. Her innovative ideas and flawless execution have helped us to gain PR in ways that we would never have otherwise been able to secure!

    Annie Hesser

    Kra Organic

    Annie Hesser
  • I come across many PR firms in my business…everyone is good, but Fresh Hype offers a “fresh” perspective (Yep, I went there.) with the types of things they offer. Their [themed] Box compliments the energy and enthusiasm the company has about products, which transfers to me.  I’m excited to speak on the many offerings that come from BuzzBOX.  I look forward to working with the team for a long time to come.

    Rance Adams

    Co-HostMMJ River City Live

    Rance Adams
  • Thanks to Fresh Hype Box, I’ve become sort of a kombucha connoisseur. As a matter of fact, Fresh Hype Box has introduced me to a whole assortment of new, under-the-radar gems in the health and nutrition market. As a fitness writer in search of the latest trends, I’ve always been able to count on... their [themed] Box package containing items -- from kombucha to chia seeds to even algae -- that would make it to print. Yeah, consider me a fan.

    Jeff Tomko

    News editor/contributing fitness writerMetro.us

    Jeff Tomko

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